Hi, I am

Carlos Camero

Graphic/UX/UI Designer
to my featured projects

CIP is a US company that develops security software for different types of companies (Casinos, Malls, Hospitals and others). CIP has their own web application to create and personalize the software for their clients. This interface is used by CIP's developers.

My objective in this project was to redesign this app, from a UX/UI standpoint, understanding the logical process of CIP and the developer's needs to create a new and better experience for my users the CIP's developers

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UX/UI Design of Hiking App

Hiking app concept aimed to promote a specific hiking route in Costa Rica called "Route Between Volcanoes".

User centered design, focused on the architecture of information and the user interface and it's validation with real users trough tests.

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Space Shooter

Game design, Space Shooter is game between two players that try to defeat each other by shooting. In this case the challenge was to design and develop a game  for PC that doesn't use the usual Mouse/ Keypad interaction.

This game uses Color Tracking and Sound detection as a form of interaction User-System.

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My experience

I have worked with the US company CIP for the last year. Before that I worked in my college as a assistant designer were I had to design digital products such as brochures, info-graphics and others. During my college time I designed several UX/UI projects and participate on the "Space Apps" challenge

Bachelor Degree Industrial Design
CIP Reporting
Web - UX / UI - Brand Designer
December 2019 - December 2020


  • Figma
  • Adobe
  • Processing
  • Wordpress
  • JavaScript
  • Vue.js
  • CSS
  • Arduino
  • Html