CIP Reporting wanted to change the look and feel of their company because they were about to change the name of the company to Appendio. They have't changed their brand look in years and they needed to come up with a fresh and friendly image for their clients
My Contributions
I worked alongside Susan Nye, a marketing consultant. My main role in this project was to transform my clients wishes into a proposal that was able to adapt the marketing aim proposed by the marketing consultant.

Once the brand was ready, my job was to design the UX/UI for their new website and develop it.

Brand Redesign

Understand my client's needs

The first step of the process was to understand my client's needs, that is why I spent most of the first month in meetings with them. That way they could tell me what they wanted to achieve.

When I was able to understand what they actually wanted and needed I got to the "Connection" concept. This would be the key word for the new brand. So once I had defined my concept. I started to work on several proposals.

Propose and adjust

In this case, I decided to work on two types of logos. With the first two on the left, the intention was to enforce the Connection concept by unifying the isotype and the name of the company. On the other hand, the other two logos were more typical but based on the interviews this type of brand was what they had in mind.

The use of dots and lines was very important for two reasons:
1. It kept the essence of the old logo, so this way it could be seen as and improvement and not a complete new company

2. It was ideal to enforce the connection concept

After showing the client the proposals and getting the feedback, I was able to make some adjustments and design the final proposal.

Final proposal

Color testing

Once the client was completely satisfied with the logo, it was time to start with the second part of the brand design. In this case the color choice could not be very different from the original brand.

Based on the past brand colors, I kept the blue chromatic that way the final clients would not get confused. As I knew that we would be developing a new website I started to design the whole chromatic of the site. It was important for it to be light and friendly that's why the page would be 80% white, we would use the blue on titles and some texts and for accents and call to actions buttons the orange would work perfectly

Web Design

Research, Conceptualize & Propose

The first step of the redesign was to make some research about some similar pages, that way we could understand the most common site architecture for this type of company.

After that the marketing advisor and I, discussed about the concept and how we wanted Appendio to be seen. At the end we agreed we needed something light and friendly.

With that on mind I started to create proposals for the team. During a back and forth process we got to the final result of the page. In this case the proposals were made on Ilustrator until I got green light for the development.